Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Kim Anderson's Enchanted Spring Gardens!

I have been meaning to share the enchanting work of British artist and illustrator Kim Anderson with you for a long time. Since spring has most certainly arrived I thought there seemed no better time, so hopefully her designs will bring a little sunshine to your day too!

As soon as I spotted Kim's work I was drawn in to the intricate and beautiful detail she captures in her designs. Working on a range of mixed media surfaces, Kim combines techniques of paper collage, paint, pen and ink and embellishment. I love how the inclusion of recycled book text and swirly handwritten words merge into her illustrations and interestingly become part of her design. Little butterflies, flowers and swirls beautifully decorate her designs and sometimes she includes a little highlight of glitter.

Flower Garden

A Beautiful Place

Kim is based in the sounthern city of Brighton, where she lives and works "sometimes just taking a stroll around her colourful and cultural hometown of Brighton can provide the spark which is enough to start the creative process." Sourced

Blooming Flowers

Splendid Peacock

Love Heart

Beauty Grows Here

Dreams Grow Here

Love Heart

I follow Kim on Facebook, so I am regularly kept up to date with her new creations. You will be pleased to know as well as designing for the greetings card industry Kim creates commissions too, so don't hesitate to contact her if you would like something special. 

Click here to view her website and Facebook page or follow her on Twitter!

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Explore the World with Martine Rupert !

As I was flicking through some notes I had made ages ago and I came across the work of Martine Rupert. Since I have recently returned from a fabulous city break I thought it fitting to share her work with you today. 

Below I am pleased to share a range of her stunning paintings. I love the loose and scribbly nature of Martine's drawing style. Subtle watery washes of bold, warm colours provide stunning skylines upon which she builds and collages her cityscapes. The use of stamps, photographs, lettering and hand written script creates a quirky and inviting effect. Enjoy!

Big Apple

New York Stock Exchange

Martine was born in Geneva, Switzerland and is now lucky enough to live between Paris and Berlin in between traveling around the world to design for work. Martine studied in Applied Arts and her designs can now be spotted across an extensive range of textiles, books, stationery and home decorations. Martine has even designed maps of city centres herself, so there is no excuse for getting lost.

L'esprit de Montmartre

La Porte St Martin

Moulin Rouge

Paris Mon Amour

Click here to view her website and shop or follow her on Facebook!

Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Nature Through the Eyes of Kate Wyatt!

This time last year I was on a little holiday with a friend to Cornwall, Devon and Dorset and I stumbled across fine art prints by this very talented artist. Born in the country myself I have a real love of nature and I couldn't help myself from featuring these little creatures. Looking at these paintings fondly reminds me of my childhood of reading Watership Down and watching The Animals of Farthing Wood.

Elweard IV

Herriff and Lola

I love the energetic lines Kate creates within her work. Wiry whiskers, fluffy feathers and bushy tails are brought to life through her paintings. I was therefore not surprised when I read that Kate creates her sketches from real life in nearby fields and woodlands in the British Countryside. It is clear to see why Kate has become one of the UK's leading wildlife painters and has exhibited internationally. I find her watercolour paintings captivating and I hope you do also.

Eda Ellenweoric

Autumn Store and Dawn and Diera

Clifwurt III

Offa and Edlynn

You can view Kate's website here to find out more information!

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Vintage Crochet Doily Creations by Daisies Blue

Today I would like to introduce you to our new brand 'Daisies Blue'. We create beautiful vintage inspired gifts and home decorations handmade for you! At Daisies Blue we are passionate about transforming vintage originals into contemporary creations to treasure. We believe in creating breathtaking pieces to cherish; designs that can be pulled from a dusty trunk in years to come and still look timeless. 

We are secret magpies who love to rummage, obsessively collect, and surround ourselves with all things beautiful. We love an eclectic mix of vintage styles combined with the freshness of a modern twist. For a while now, we have wanted to spend more time creating beautiful things so Daisies Blue was born.

There are lots of exciting products in the making, but we are delighted to share one of our most recent products with you:

We make high quality vintage crochet doily bunting, handmade in subtle shades of white, cream, brown and beige with delicate colour combinations. We create our bunting in varied lengths and can make bespoke lengths to order. It is the perfect unique addition to your home, vintage inspired tea party or wedding.




Designs have been created to incorporate a beautiful range of subtle shades of white, cream and beige with stunning highlights of colour in some designs. Products contain an interesting selection of crocheting, cotton and linen white work, lace, machine and hand embroidery. Fine intricate crochet contrasts with bolder designs across an abundance of interesting shapes and patterns. Every product we create is therefore unique with its own elegant, vintage charm.

*  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *

Our creative designs are inspired by antique styles from the past and incorporate the traditional technique of crochet. Hand crocheted doilies have a large place in our hearts and are lovingly rooted in our family history, which is why they are now at the centre of everything we do. Every intricate crochet doily and piece of antique lace has its own individual history and story; this adds an intriguing touch of mystery and nostalgia to our designs which is irreplaceable.

We look forward to meeting you soon!
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Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Geninne Zlatkis's Little Ray of Sunshine!

As soon as I discovered the gorgeous designs of Geninne Zlatkis they instantly brightened my day, I hope you will love them just as much as I do. I found it very difficult to select only a few to share, they are all just so beautiful!

If you look close you will notice Geninne includes delicate textural marks, lines and little spots in her designs which I feel gives them a unique and hand drawn quality. Geninne's refreshingly colourful paintings beautifully compliments her vintage inspired backdrops of brown paper, old postcards, lined paper and journal pages. 

The very talented Geninne lives and works in Queretaro, Mexico. 
Click here to view her Pinterest and beautiful blog

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