Friday, 17 October 2014

Refreshingly Bright Art in the City by Chetan Kumar

One of my students is currently studying 'Art in the City' and I luckily stumbled across the colourful line drawings of Chetan Kumar whilst researching. Chetan is a creative illustrator based in London who takes extensive inspiration from the environment that surrounds him."Inspired by his extensive traveling around the world, Chetan has an interest in visiting new places and exploring facets of living in a city." Sourced

I love the fluid and looseness of his line-work, it includes quirky and interesting marks. His use of bold colours in abundance is refreshing and creates a bold and unique effect. "I like my art to have a signature style but at the same time, be fresh and different from others". Sourced

"I take a keen interest in street art, urban environments and turning the familiar on its head." Sourced

Click here to view his website, blog or follow him on Twitter!

Monday, 13 October 2014

Charming Animal Machines by Vladimir Gvozdev

The artist I am sharing with you today contrasts somewhat with my usual choices. I am amazed by the unique and unusual artwork Russian artist Vladimir Gvozdev and could not resist showing you a selection of his work. Vladimir works as a freelance painter and sculptor after previously working as a graphic designer and is also known as 'Gvozdariki'.

Despite the imaginative mechanical subject matter his paintings are created in a detailed and decorative style. Vladimir loves to experiment in the well known Steampunk style, that originated from Victorian steam-powered machinery and is magically transformed into a fantasy world. It is evident Vladimir has a real love for the unusual combination of subject matter he uses and a considerable amount of time is spent merging these together to create unique and charming creatures.

Unique layered backgrounds of vintage papers, aged documents and written text burn at the edges provide an antiqued and interesting surface to build his artwork upon. Vladimir incorporated 3D elements into his creations that include mechanical parts, rusted keys, padlocks, wire coils, cogs and old nuts and bolts. These contrast with natural elements for example pebbles, delicate butterflies, insects and leaves. It is this direct contrast and merging of the natural and mechanical work that I find works so successfully in his artwork.

Friday, 10 October 2014

A Naturally Inspiring Environemt by Jill Bliss

I have loved the work of Jill Bliss, a very imaginative illustrator, for a long time after I first spotted her work in Print & Pattern. Jill's work is full of textural qualities and quirky patterns. She selects subtle colour palettes and tonal shades that work seamlessly together, including bolder highlights for contrast.
Her naturally inspired compositions contain explosions of intricate detail and pattern. Recognisable features includes flowers, foliage, plant organisms, sealife, mushrooms and lettering.

Jill spent her childhood in California USA before living in New York, San Francisco and Portland. She now lives a more natural life travelling the Salish Sea islands of Canada. Significant inspiration is taken from the natural and creative environment that surrounds her. "The Salish Sea Ecosystem as a whole, and the ecosystems of each individual island, are endlessly fascinating." Sourced

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Monday, 6 October 2014

Intricate Paper Cuts by Yuken Teruya!

I discovered the unusual work of Yuken Teruya at a recent paper manipulation exhibition. I am fascinated with delicate silhouettes and intricate paper cuts and Yuken takes this to a whole new and unexpected level.

Yuken is an Japanese artist who is now based in New York City. The urban life that surrounds him has proven to be a rich source of inspiration to his artwork. "He works with various materials such as toilet paper rolls, paper shopping bags and butterfly chrysalises. His ideas often reflect life and history of Okinawa, his homeland." Sourced

"Each tree is painstakingly cut, its leaves and branches described with exceptional care, and each bag derives from a slightly different source (sometimes highend fashion boutiques, others Mc- Donald’s), which stages the tree’s connection to the natural world in divergent ways." Sourced

You can take a look at his website for more information here!

Friday, 3 October 2014

Hannah Davies Decorative Hand Drawn Illustrations!

I was delighted to unexpectedly find the stunning work of Hannah Davies when I was doing a usual spot of inspirational research. Hannah's use of intricate pattern and detail instantly grabbed my attention. 

Her style of work appeals to my love of detail and nature inspired imagery. "Hannah’s illustrations are compared to a sea of jewels, capturing Water, life and the environment in all its glory." Sourced

Hannah works as a freelance designer and illustrator from her seaside home in Wales. She has worked across a wide range of creative illustrative projects from publishing and design to advertising.

"Hannah enjoys layering and applying many of her own textiles patterns, coloured papers, and vibrant watercolours to create beautiful hand drawn scenes." Sourced

You can view her website here or follow her on Facebook!

Monday, 29 September 2014

Daniel Zeller's Imagination and Extreme Magnification

Today I am sharing the work of the contemporary and abstract artist Daniel Zeller with you. I was instantly captivated by the fluid and spontaneous nature of his work and was intrigued to explore it further.

The ideas behind Daniel's weird and wonderful artwork are "borrowed from many places, among them satellite images, electron micro-graphs, topographical maps, anatomical and schematic diagrams." Sourced Zeller 

"There is no direct reference to anything in particular, it is more as if all of these sources are thrown together in a pot, forming a kind of soup that is constantly being stirred and sampled. In a sense the drawings become an act of digestion and regurgitation; reconfiguration driven by information overload.” Sourced Zeller

Daniel Zeller's art is extremely detailed in an unusual and unexpected way, it encourages you to look closer and closer before you almost get caught up in the curves and swirls in his work.

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Floating Feathers and Flowers by River Luna

I was delighted to find the work of Marisa Redondo who works under the beautiful name of River Luna . Marisa currently lives in Northern California, USA working as an artist and illustrator creating stunning watercolour paintings .
Her portfolio of designs takes significant inspiration from nature which can clearly be seen through her use of organic shapes, forms and silhouettes. "I'm fascinated by nature's creations and the little pieces of life that often go unnoticed; from the fine lines of feathers to the spores of a dandelion." Sourced

I love the simplicity and natural beauty to Marisa's work. "Through watercolor I explore the organic patterns and intricate details impressed on everything from the earth." Sourced

You can view her website and blog here or follow her on Facebook !

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