Thursday, 26 April 2012

Hand Drawn Beauty by Louise Tiler

Louise Tiler is a surface pattern designer who is "passionate about creating timeless hand-drawn and hand-painted designs that are influenced by the past and inspired by intricate, beautiful things." Sourced Louise Tiler 

Louise has recently graduated from Leeds College of Art with a Ba (Hons) in Printed Textiles and Surface Pattern Design. She has already won several prestigious awards including 'New Designer of the Year Award' in 2011 and is successfully beginning to make her mark within the creative industry. 

I love Louise's accurate and detailed drawn illustrations combined and layered digitally together with her painted florals. This is clearly a labour-of-love due to the extensive hand made elements to all her designs. The soft, muted colour palette of pastel blue, terracotta, mustard and cream complements the delicate and almost transparent appearance of her designs. Beautiful, beautiful work!

Click here to view her website and facebook page or follow her on twitter!

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