Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Afternoon Tea with Priscilla Jones!

I would love to introduce the contempoary, mixed-media, textile artist Priscilla Jones. Priscilla creates stunning 2D and 3D sculptures from found materials including wire, wax, fabric and paper which she beautifully collages and combines together in an enchanting way.

Priscilla Jones
graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University with a degree in Embroidery and now sells and exhibits her work across the UK and Europe, with many pieces held in public and private collections.

Pricilla's work has a naive and playful quality to it, reminiscent of my childhood tea parties with the feminine colour palettes and incorporation of polka-dots and ditsy florals. Inspiration is taken from memories, identity, nostalgia and her love of sewing. Machine embroidery, stitched lettering and loose frayed edges gives Pricilla's work irregularity and quirkiness. I would love to own one of these for my kitchen one day!

Click here to view her websiteblog and facebook page or follow her on twitter!

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