Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Anita Jeram's Adorable Children's Illustrations!

On a Sunday trip to Whitby, North Yorkshire I spotted a selection of enchanting greetings cards in a little bookshop by Anita Jeram. I was instantly drawn to the delicate and fine little creatures jumping out at me. Anita's illustrations combine soft watercolours with fine pen and brush work. Anita skillfully brings her intriguing creatures to life and incorporates innovative imagery and quirky phrases which are adorable.

Anita was born in Portsmouth and from an early age had a love of drawing, she was known to draw everywhere she went and on anything she could find. Anita has a real love for animals and they have always been her favourite subject to sketch.

Selection of Anita Jeram's greetings cards printed by Two Bad Mice Publishers

It wasn't until I researched into Anita Jeram a little further I realised she illustrated the famous bedtime children's story 'Guess How Much I Love You?' written by Sam McBratney. The classic story is about a father rabbit 'Big Nutbrown Hare' and his little son 'Little Nutbrown Hare' who throughout tell each other "how much I love you". Even today, Anita says,“Every time I read this book, I want to cry. The story reminds me of my son, who often plays these games with me when it is time for bed.” It is a beautifully illustrated book that both adults and children alike love and cherish.

Click here to view her website and Two Bad Mice's website!

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