Monday, 21 May 2012

Captivating Naturally Inspired Photography by Karl Blossfeldt!

Today's choice is someone who has greatly inspired my own drawings and provides a source of interesting shapes and line work.

Karl Blossfeldt was an artist, teacher, botanist, sculptor and most famously a self-taught photographer from Berlin, Germany. Karl is well known for his captivating close-up photographs of plants and natural living things which inspired him greatly. Plant species were captured to educate Karl's students about design elements in nature and this is clearly evident in the remarkable and detailed photographs he achieved.

I would love to spend 35 years like Karl Blossfeldt capturing nature at it's finest, with a homemade camera, including flowers, twigs, leaf buds and seed pods magnified to almost 30 times their actual size. I love the extraordinary details and natural structures captured in his monochrome photographs that contrast against stark backgrounds. You can see why the structural elements to his work have inspired architects and decorative artists to create equally beautiful and elegant creations.

1 comment:

  1. Absolutely stunning...I am in awe of his photos. The delicate patterns take my breath away. I am so happy I found your blog - I am enjoying your posts more than words can say! Have a lovely day~~


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