Tuesday, 1 May 2012

The Face of Fornasetti!

Today is dedicated to showcasing the unusual work of Fornasetti. Piero Fornasetti was a painter, sculptor and interior decorator based in Milan and is known as one of the original creative talents of the 20th century. "Fornasetti designed a magical world, saturated in image and colour and filled with whimsy and wit." Sourced Fornasetti

Fornasetti created 500 variations of the face of a woman that drew inspiration from the portrait of Lina Cavalieri he found in a magazine from the 1800's. These recognisable graphic style illustrations became his trademarks and can now been seen across a wide range of different interior products. Below are some of my favourite snippets of his work that demonstrate his distinctive visual style. I love the range of textural mark-making techniques used in his work that up close are so intriguing.

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