Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Flight and Fluttering Butterflies by Paul Villinski!

Paul Villinski is someone a little different to the usual posts on creative sketchbook, but I couldn't resist letting his creations flutter and land today. Paul collects and recycles found objects, including tin cans and vinyl records that he innovatively transforms into delicate butterflies in his studio in Long Island City, New York. Someone's unwanted items become enchanting 3d sculptures and installations, where flocks of butterflies swoop and twirl to create interesting compositions and words. 

Paul's butterflies are realistically crafted and personally I think capture the simplicity and real beauty of nature. With the addition of light, silhouette shadows appear behind his sculptures, that almost create the illusion that his butterflies are flying and fluttering about in the breeze. 


Beer Can Butterflies 'Paradigm'

Vinyl Records 'My Back Pages'

Click here to view his website!

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