Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Holly Exley's Quirky Collections!

Today I am delighted to share with you a selection of work by the very talented Holly Exley. Holly is a young Bristol based illustrator who graduated from Middlesex University and now specialises in watercolour painting and is working very hard at making her creative dreams come true.

Holly admits (like myself) she has a obsession with and takes inspiration from the very talented Beatrix Potter (click to view previous feature) which is evident in her fluid use of paint. "I paint because it makes me happy. I love the challenge of a brief, from coming up with the ideas, working on it practically and seeing the end result." Sourced Holly Exley Holly has a new and unique approach to the use of watercolour painting and has made the technique fresh, modern and fun. 

Vintage Cutlery Collection

Holly loves painting unusual objects and it is these interesting collections that I have fallen in love with. Mundane objects from the everyday are creatively captured and turned into beautiful and intriguing works of art. Fresh tones, subtle colour palettes and watery washes combined with fine detail and an effective use of light and shade result in stunning and captivating paintings. I would love to commission Holly to paint a quirky collection for my home one day!

Vintage Tea Cup Collection

Lip Balm Collection

 Patchwork Quilts

Count Yourself Lucky 2

Sugar Shaker Collection

Sunday Market Breakfast

Holly also produces a range of quirky portraits, animal and food paintings.

Click here to view her websiteblog and Facebook page or follow her on Twitter!


  1. Hi Gemma, found your blog via Rachael as I'm taking her surface design course. Really excited to find another creative inspirational blog :)

  2. Hi Gemma, I found your blog through Rachael Taylors blog today and I must say Im completly in love! You blog is so great! I love Hollys work here, the colours in the glass sugar shakers are so beautiful...x

  3. Beautiful work, colour palettes are amazing...wish I could watercolour like that. Sugar Shakers and Vintage culture are my favourite. Really inspiring! :) x

    p.s. lovely blog too!

  4. Really beautiful illustrations, I love repetition and collections of things too. Thanks for sharing!

  5. beautiful illustrations i love the cutlery especially


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