Wednesday, 23 May 2012

K W Eccles Endless Geometric Patterns!

I randomly stumbled across the insane geometric patterns by KW Eccles when researching. I was instantly captivated by the organic, swirling shapes filled with never ending tessellating and tiled repeating patterers. The had a flash back to my childhood of looking through a kaleidoscope and been mesmerised by the changing geometrical shapes in front of my eyes. 

The work of KW Eccles is almost hard to believe, it's like looking into an abstract and surreal world flooded with tiny flashes of every colour in the rainbow. I absolutely love these original watercolour and ink drawings and I hope you do too! 


 Space Telescope

 Sympathetic Magic


 Rain Forest, Lyric, Temple of Dew and Melon Curlicue

Secret Joy

Click here to view his websiteblog and Facebook page!

1 comment:

  1. I find his work his work to be hypnotic- sense movement within the drawings- have collected many pieces going back a few years- artist recently unresponsive to questions....?


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