Thursday, 7 June 2012

The Bookshelf: Bugs In A Blanket by Beatrice Alemagna!

I spotted this little children's book when I was looking in the Tate Gallery Shop, Liverpool and decided to buy it for my niece, well ... and a copy for myself too!

This is a funny story about a group of little bugs that live in an old blanket. Beatrice Alemagna approaches individual identity through the inclusion of little bugs in a simple and comical way.

It is the unique, visual style of this book that captured my attention. Beatrice experimented considerably to capture the hairiness and dustiness of the little creatures and decided upon felted wool with appliquéd fabrics and hand stitching to illustrate her story so beautifully. This creates a textural and cosy world of wool within an old blanket.

Beatrice is "a storyteller who creates intimate and imaginative tales where words and pictures meld together seamlessly." Interestingly, Beatrice's techniques vary from paint or pencil, to mixed-media collage and embroidery depending upon the story of her chosen book.

"It is Little Fat Bug's birthday, and he has invited all the bugs that live in the blanket to his birthday. They have never met each other before and are in for a big surprise."

"Little Fat Bug baked some delicious blanket dust cakes for his party. He's hung up some pretty lanterns and plugged in a record player to play nice loud music. Everyone knows that little bugs love to dance and hop about."

"They scurry onto the dance floor and start dancing, hopping to the right and hopping to the left."

"We are all born the way we are, and we are all different."

Bugs in a Blanket by Beatrice Alemagna is available to add to your collection by clicking below or on the Amazon link to the left!

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  1. What a coincidence! I saw this same book yesterday at a bookstore in Madrid and found it adorable, original, and beautiful!!!


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