Saturday, 9 June 2012

Claire Brewster's Delicate Paper World!

I am thrilled to share the intricate and detailed cut out three dimensional pictures of Claire Brewster. Discarded papers, vintage maps and old atlases are Claire's media of choice to create her fascinating and delicate hand cut outs. I love the simplicity of the technique that contrasts with the complicated structures and shadow silhouettes her paper creations cast.  "I capture the souls of birds in paper."

Nature is a clear source for Claire's inspiration and her work includes a variety of stunning birds, florals, bees, fauna and insects. "Spring is a very inspiring time, I walk through a park every morning when I go to work and the new life is so exciting to see." Sourced

'Save Us' - Hand cut out of a map of the British Isles

'We are Feeling a Little Blue'

'Dreams of Autumn'

'Blue Birdy' - Hand cut out of an atlas page

'Don't Spoil It For The Rest Of Us' - Hand cut geographical map of Europe

'Getting Ready for the Trip' detail

'They Say There are Too May of Us'

'Arctic Jay' and 'Pacific Rose'

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Claire grew up in Lincolnshire and studied Constructed Textiles at Middlesex University, she now lives and works from her own design studio at home in London. "I like my studio messy, I like to have piles of stuff everywhere and bits of paper around. I find hunting for things and going through piles of old papers is a good source of inspiration and can lead me down a path I may never thought of." Sourced

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