Friday, 8 June 2012

Emerging Design Talent: Bonnie Christine

Today I am introducing new and emerging design talent which has become a regular addition to Creative Sketchbook:

I was blown away with Bonnie Christine's beautiful and extensive range of surface pattern designs, and am delighted to share her work with you today, certainly a talented lady.

Bonnie describes her work as "modern, feminine, sweet and summery". Each design is unique and offers something intriguingly different, whether that is colour palette, imagery, composition or creative flair. Bonnie Explains “I love to weave parts of my life into each pattern, with each one you see you will have seen a little piece of my life and heart. There’s something so meaningful in the way we decide to color our worlds.”

Bonnie studied at North Carolina State University and shortly after, discovered her passion for patterns! Since, amazingly Bonnie has been entirely self-taught and hopes to inspire fellow creatives all over the world. "I believe patterns are a way we can express ourselves, and make our spaces beautiful."

Bonnie is currently a student embarking on the groundbreaking e-course 'The Art & Business of Surface Pattern Design'. The inspirational course is co founded by the very talented surface pattern designer (and close friend of mine) Rachael Taylor entrepreneur Beth Nicholls.

I love the combination of realistic and stylised, naturally inspired imagery Bonnie delightfully combines together in her gorgeously girly designs. "I have always been deeply inspired by that natural world around me, from the biggest of trees to the tiniest of leaves! I always carry my camera and sketchbook with me, and am constantly intrigued by nature's perfect patterns and intricate details."

Roots: Wild Strawberries

Roots: Minted

Roots: Cornflour

Sweet as Honey: Seaside

Click here to view her websiteblogand Facebook or follow her on Twitter!

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  1. These are so beautiful! I wish they were sold as digital graphics :) PS - so happy I found your blog! :)


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