Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Jubilee Celebrations by Avery Tillmon!

Continuing to showcase 'Royal' inspired artwork to commemorate and celebrate the Queens Diamond Jubilee, today I have chosen prints by Avery Tillmon. I love the rustic and vintage effect he creates and these beautiful embellished crowns perfectly represent our royal celebration. 

“I approach drawing and painting like a very shallow sculpture. I build and take away until I’ve achieved what I envisioned at the outset.” By painting onto wooden panels his work shows interesting textural and natural qualities and richness is created by the inclusion of ruby reds, emerald greens, sapphire blues and amber stones.

Her Majesty's Crown

Cities II London

His Majesty's Crown

Vintage Union Jack

You can buy prints by Avery from a range of websites!
Avery Tillmon found his love for art at a very young age by copying pictures he loved from books. Avery continued with his creative passion to study for a degree in sculpture, and eventually a career in art which has included teaching and designing, as well as sculpting and painting. 

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