Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Reed Danziger's Jewelled Clusters of Lace and Colour!

I am thrilled to showcase the densely patterned, mixed-media paintings of the talented Reed Danziger. Reed's work reminds me of pearls, jewels, vintage lace and cobwebs all meticulously clustered together. I love how organic shapes and patterns inspired by nature inter-twine together to express a sense of movement.

Delicate and detailed layers are built up to create overwhelming explosions of colour and complex compositions. Stenciled patterns and free-hand drawing are incorporated into these labour-intensive paintings that are unlike anything I have ever seen before. I could spend forever exploring each aspect of her almost astrological mixed media paintings.

Reed Danziger completed a Ba (Hons) at the University of California followed by a Masters in Fine Arts at the San Francisco Art Institute. She now lives and works in Oakland, California making these breathtaking paintings in her studio.

A Continuous Probability

Substratum 121


At Any Given Instant

A Continuously  Differentiable Function

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