Saturday, 2 June 2012

A Vintage Botanical Garden by Devon Ross!

Today I am showcasing the unique work of Devon Ross, a fairly unknown artist who I stumbled across whilst researching. The beauty is in the fine and detailed line work that captures ornate, architectural features combined with floral illustrations, tilling, insects and typography. Devon effectively builds layers with transparent qualities in interesting compositions. I particularly love the vintage effect created by using a subtle and complementary colour palette of ochre, olive, turquoise, teal and magenta. Colour is used to provide specific highlights and it draws my eye to particular delicate details in Devon's work.

I am unable to find any specific information about Devon, however personally I feel the work speaks for itself!

Architects Estate & Antique Garden Plan
Flora Nouveau & Fleurir Nouveau

Botanical Garden Plan & Architect's Garden

Fleur Nouveau & Floraison Nouveau

Crown Rose & Fleur-de-lis Rose

Architect's Collection & Architect's Etching

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