Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Blooming Marvellous Pretty Designs by Caroline Pratt!

Caroline Pratt was also recommended to me by an ex-student, she clearly knows my creative taste very well. Of a lover of all things birdie like I just had to include this quirky budgie pattern flooded with textural qualities, geometric shapes and bold colours. Caroline's line drawing have an imperfect hand drawn style that combined with her blocked screen prints provide a beautiful contrast.

Various techniques are used within Caroline's work, particularly traditional printmaking methods but incorporates drawing, collage, paper-cutting and digital manipulation too, which all makes for a very versatile portfolio."Usually the starting point for my prints, is the humble fine liner and a sketchbook, I can keep myself amused for hours!"

Caroline explains her designs are "inspired by everything from English eccentricities to 1950’s textiles and contemporary illustration. Nature has always been a strong point of reference in my work, especially wildlife as I’m a complete animal lover so trips to the great outdoors always gets my brain in a bit of a spin. Friends, music and my love of junk shop rummaging always provide a good idea or two as well." Sourced

Caroline spends her days based in Leeds, West Yorkshire, split between teaching on the Ba Printed Textiles degree course at Leeds College of Art and designing patterns from the confines of her own studio - clearly a pretty busy lady.

Retro House in Forest Screenprint

Retro Forest Lime Coral and Navy Screenprint

Retro Owl Screenprint

Click here to view her website, blog, Facebook and Etsy or follow her on Twitter!

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