Monday, 16 July 2012

Cheeky Birds in Hats by Alice Tams!

I was overwhelmed when I stumbled across the stunning illustrations of Alice Tams when I visited the quirky Backyard Market, Brick Lane on a trip to London. The insane attention to detail, soft colours and humorous content in Alice's work instantly grabbed my attention.

‘Birds in Hats’ is a project by illustrator Alice Tams, and interestingly has been most accurately described as a ‘joke that got out of hand’. Currently Alice has painstakingly created over 70 combinations of lovable feathered creatures wearing the widest range of hats and headwear I have ever seen. Alice is certainly a talent to watch!

Common Kingfisher in the Imperial Crown of Austria
Wren in a Renaissance-Inspired Tudor Flat Cap

A Diamond Jubilee Garden Birds Party

Zebra Finch in a Summer Straw Boater Hat

Atlantic Puffin in a Sou'wester

Rock Pigeon in St. Edward's Crown

Budgie in a Bow

Peach-Faced Lovebirds in Matching Bobble Hats

Robin in a Christmas Top Hat

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