Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Neisha Crosland's Sophisticated Interior Textile Designs!

Neisha Crosland, a textile designer and my creative choice for today. Neisha studied at the Royal College of Art, London before starting her own textile design company specialising in home furnishings. I particularly love the sophisticated and clean lines in her work across a wide variety of oversized graphic and geometric patterns. Neisha selects muted and tonal colour combinations but introduces unusual highlight colours in to her designs. I love the dramatic enlarged scale of Neisha's designs which make them perfect statement wallpapers. I decided to present her designs below like a patchwork as I feel many of her designs beautifully complement each other.

Zebra Wallpaper

Designs include: Moghul, Hedgehog, Minuet, Jacob's Tree, Moorish Circles and Maize

Designs include: Rosa, Hollywood Grape, Pepper Trail, Yolk and Berry Flower

Najaro Tiles

Click here to view her website!

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