Monday, 2 July 2012

Si Scott's Unique and Inspirational Typography!

I stumbled across the work of Si Scott, an illustrator who specialises in graphic ink drawings whilst researching inspirational typography. I instantly fell in love with Si's intricate and ornate monochrome lettering; he beautifully illustrates and explores fonts in a way that I have never seen before. The compositions and scale of Si's illustrations make them really unique and the limited use of colour give his work real visual impact.

Si's work despite its graphical appearance is nearly all handmade, ‘I like to be very hands on with my work’ using paint, fine-liners and pen and ink. Si then tweaks his designs, using a computer to add colour. Si says most of his inspiration comes from surrounding himself with music and listening to lyrics.

Si Scott is a full-time artist, designer, illustrator and creative consultant based in Manchester, UK. Scott studied for a Ba (Hons) in Graphic Design at Leeds College of Art and Design before going on to study at Buckinghamshire Chilterns University College. "Whilst most people were using computers at college, I was in the print room playing around with letterpress, screen-printing etc."

Click here to view his website!

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