Monday, 9 July 2012

Vibrant Watercolour Illustrations by Stina Persson!

Today I am showcasing the work of Stina Persson, a very talented watercolour painter and illustrator. Stina's work is a little different to the detailed work I usually share as it is simple and fluid in style. For this reason I was instantly drawin to the natural drips, splats and watermarks in her work.

Stina uses a combination of watercolour paints and inks to create vibrant, colourful illustrations with a modern twist. I particularly love how simplistic shapes are transformed with loose watery and painterly effects created when colours bleed, disperse and blend into one another, resulting in usual marks and colours. Stina explains her illustrations "take on a life of their own almost as soon as the ink touches the paper."

Stina is based in Stockholm, Sweden but has previously has studied for a variety of disciplines including Fine Art in Perugia, Italy, Fashion Drawing in Florence, Italy and a Degree in Illustration from the Pratt Institute, New York.

Stinas gains inspiration for her work from "thrift shops, flea markets, travels, foreign supermarkets, my children's never ending imagination, color, fashion magazines, organic shapes and things found in nature, Swedish summers in the countryside and garage sales, to name a few," showing that us create types really can gain inspiration anywhere and everywhere. Sourced

Click here to view her website!

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