Monday, 6 August 2012

Antiqued Geometrical Patterns by Louise Despont

I have been meaning to feature the work of Louise Despont for a while after stumbling across her work whilst I was blog browsing.  Louise's work is highly graphical and technical in structure, combining precise straight lines, angles and shapes with softer circles and curved lines. The use of graphite and coloured pencil creates a soft and muted effect enabling the details from the original paper to remain visible. I particularly love the subtle and antiqued colour palette Louise uses, apricot combined with apple green and charcoal really complements the old book pages and graph papers used with their aged and torn edges.  Louise must spend hours and hours accurately measuring and drawing out her designs, which results in beautiful and eye catching geometric patterns.


Louise currently lives and works in Brooklyn, New York after completing a Ba Art Semiotics from Brown University, Rhode Island.

 King & Queen, Night

Garden Interior

Dance Hall

Blue Moon

King & Queen, Day

Anagrams of Vision

Click here to view her website and blog!

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