Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Swirling and Whirling Out of Control with Melinda Hackett!

Melinda Hackett is a very talented abstract painter who was born, lives and works in New York City. Melinda's stunning work is just how my head feels sometimes, swirling and bursting with too many ideas and thoughts that kind of clash and complement each other. “One of my purposes in making paintings is to transport the viewer to a necessarily foreign place, where nature can be experienced without knowing it fully, and where reality is communicated through the senses.”


Organic shapes and patterns are seamlessly twirling around in space, layering and overlapping each other. "My paintings create worlds full of images that float, hover, creep, spin, hang, roll or sleep in corners." Her paintings make me reminisce, imagining looking through a telescope, but into another creative world full of beautiful colour and interesting detail.

Twisted River

“To call them landscapes would be misleading since they are poetic inventions of my imagination, and reference the world of nature rather than depict it literally.” I love how Melinda creates such wonderful work from her imagination, combining a varied and rich colour palette of both strong and subtle colours together.

"If there is a story to tell, it is up to the viewer to tell it."Sourced

Forest Haunt


Lemon Squeeze

Click here to view her website.

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