Thursday, 16 August 2012

The Bookshelf: Flower Fairies of the Spring: A celebration by Cicely Mary Barker

Today's feature on the 'Bookshelf' was another treasure given to me by my mum that she spotted with her eagle eyes in a charity shop. I have always been a lover of Cicely Mary Barker's flower fairies since a child and I thought it was about time I shared her beautiful creations with you.

Cicely produced an extensive range of stunning fantasy fairy, elf and flower illustrations in her life principally using watercolor paint with pen-and-ink to capture this delicate detail. "I have always tried to paint instinctively in a way that comes naturally to me"sourced. Below I have selected a few of my favourites from this book and included the beautiful little poems too!

Come to me and play with me,
I'm the babie's flower:
Make a necklace with me,
Spend the whole long day with me,
Till the sunset hour...

Clear blue are the skies;
My petals are blue;
As beautiful, too,
As bluest of eyes ...

Here's the Dandelion's rhyme:
See my leaves with tooth-like edges;
Blow my clocks to tell the time;
See me flaunting by the hedges,
In the meadow, in the lane ...

Where the grass is damp and green,
Where the shallow streams are flowing,
Where the cowslip buds are showing, I am seen ...

The people call me Palm, they do;
The call me Pussy-willow too.
And when I'm full in bloom, the bees
Come humming round my yellow trees...

I hope you liked meeting 'The Daisy Fairy', 'The Speedwell Fairy', 'The Dandelion Fairy' 'The Lady's Smock Fairy' and 'The Willow-Catkin Fairy', to meet all the others you will have to treat yourself to one of Mary's books.

Flower Fairies of the Spring: A celebration by Cicely Mary Barker is available to add to your collection by clicking below or on the Amazon link to the left!

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