Monday, 17 September 2012

Emma Ball's Beautifully British Summer!

Since our British summer is sadly coming to an end, I thought a little reminiscing was needed. This summer has been a very busy one for me, and I was lucky enough to spend a week in the South around Devon and Dorset with friends and family. It reminded me of just how naturally stunning our country really is and at times how we take it for granted. Therefore I just had to share the beautiful watercolour work of Emma Ball with you as she manages to capture our British coastline and seaside resorts in such a delicate and intriguing way.

Emma's watery designs include striped deck chairs, patterned beach huts, coloured rowing boats, and cute puffins to name my few of my favourites. I love how Emma also includes loose hand written words and phrases on her designs, they add a little extra quirky character.

"Please don’t ask me how I paint and what techniques I use- I really couldn’t tell you as most of it happens- as most watercolourists will tell you 50% of it happens by accident!!!" Sourced

I had to include this one as it is a painting of 'Whitby' near home!

Over the years my lovely mum has bought me lots of things from Emma's stunning collection that includes tea towels, notebooks and post-it-notes to name but a few, that provide a lovely reminder of places that you have visited. 

 Click here to view her website and blog!

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