Monday, 19 November 2012

A Collaged City by Susan Osborne!

I have decided to start saving for another foreign city break to combat the winter blues that are arriving with all this rain. So I thought I would share Susan Osborne's creative collaged paintings of famous cities around the world with you. I've started with Rome as I was lucky enough to visit the stunning city this summer and fell in love with it.

Rome, Italy

I love how Susan cleverly combines multiple images together to create subtle collages based on individual locations. The mixture of maps, flags, stamps, badges and typography with photographic like images of famous iconic buildings and features works seamlessly. Susan's textural and tonal colour palette provides a base upon which she incorporates key highlight colours to represent the selected city. I would love to create one of these myself to visually record my travels and collate memorabilia creatively.

London, England

Paris, France

New York City, America

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