Monday, 25 February 2013

Francisa Prieto's Folded Geometrical Tillings!

I have a bit of an obsession with traditional tiles and tillings, I am forever snapping when I am away on holiday and as soon as I spotted the work of Francisa Prieto I was drawn into her geometrical creations. She skillfully cuts, creases and folds a wide range of old printed text and imagery from old book pages, music manuscript and encyclopedias to create these mathematical intresting structures.
I love the precision of Francisacs 3d designs, she clearly has a passion for the subject matter she uses and spends considerable time on each piece with immaculate attention to detail. The end result is delicate and fragile with a striking boldness and originality.

Francisca was originally born and based in Chile where she worked as a graphic designer before embarking upon an MA at the prestigious Central Saint Martins, London. Now working from her own London based studio, Francisca creates her one off designs for major exhibitions, installations and private collectors.

Click here to view her website!

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