Friday, 15 February 2013

Helen Musselwhite's Multi-Layered 3D Paper Creations!

I could not resist sharing the intricate paper cuts of Helen Musselwhite with you today. As a self confessed lover of paper cutting and naturally inspired artwork, I could look at her creations all day. "As you’ll gather from my work, a lot of my inspiration comes from the British countryside. The beauty of it never ceases to amaze me." Sourced 

I particularly love the intrigue created by the multiple layers Helen creates within her work that reveal deeper detail within her designs. The use of solid colours provides vital contrast between imagery and layers and he inclusion of decorative detail and pattern adds femininity and a child like quality to Helen's designs. They would be perfect to make a statement in any room!

Helen Musselwhite studied as an graphic designer and illustrator and now submerges herself in the creative world of work producing these hand and digitally created 3d wonders. I particularly love the woodland and hedgerow scenes revealing little hidden creatures.

Click here to view her website and blog or follow her on Twitter!

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