Monday, 4 March 2013

A New Monday Blogger!

Today will not be a regular artist feature. Gemma Robinson, the creative mind behind the blog has so kindly invited me to write a post for the blog, every Monday, featuring artists and exhibitions that I like.

My name is Christian Watts, and an ex student of Gemma's. I am currently a student at Liverpool Community College studying a foundation course in art and design, and come September 2013 a student at Goldsmiths, University of London, studying BA Design. This is going to be an amazing opportunity and through here and my own blog (which has yet to be made) I hope I can share some of the fantastic arty experiences with you all!

As my first post I have decided to share a small snippet of my work, past and present. This blog is a treasure trove of illustration and art, which was shared with me first hand during my time as an A Level Student.  I haven't really settled down with what kind of designer I am, so my work over the past 2 years has been varied and ranged from illustration to contemporary practice!

During A Level illustration was a massive inspiration to me; above is part of my final piece for my final year. You can see where the influence has come from just by looking through the rest of the blog!
Progressing on my current work, since foundation I have discovered a love of storytelling and narrative. I find being able to tell other people's stories fascinating, and I love how important storytelling actually is in our lives. Below is my work, the first is an installation I exhibited in Liverpool based on the experiences of postal workers in the old Royal Mail sorting office in Liverpool. The second is my most recent work, a book of 52 people's greatest fears, hand bound by myself and printed on tracing paper! I love the transparency of the pages, and how the text from different pages show up and intertwine with each other. After asking each anonymous person for their honest response, it has created a beautiful, funny and heartfelt collection of statements.

Hope you all liked the work and every Monday I will try to feature new and exciting artists and designers that have caught my eye. I am loving artist books at the moment so next week will feature one of my favourite book binders.
Til next week! If you have any questions about anything feel free to contact creativesketchbook or contact me directly here.


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