Sunday, 31 March 2013

Collections Corner: Teapots, teapots and more teapots!

'Collections Corner' is a new and exciting feature to Creative Sketchbook. I will be sharing beautiful imagery in collections of my favourite things with you, to provide lots of creative inspiration. It's up to you what you then decide to do with it..... doodle, pin, sketch, paint, stitch, print, stare in awe, collect, scrapbook or even shop away!  

Tea, in it's many, many varieties is a very important part of my life and what better way to pass the time away by sharing it with others in one of these stunning teapots!

'Coffee & Tea' Pink Pip Tea Pot by Pip Studio 
'Folklore' Teapot by Hunkdory Home

'French Garden Flower's and 'Victorian Birds Garden Tea Party' 
Teapot and Cup by Dolls Unlimited Omaha

'Violet Purple and White Dots' Teapot by Classic Coffee and Tea

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'Dawn Chorus' Teapot by Portmeirion

'Buttons Teapot' by Avoca

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'Blossom' Teapot by Sagaform

Royal Garden Tea & Coffee Collection by Herend Royal

'Sampler' 4 Cup Teapot by Emma Bridgewater

'Retro' Teapot by Sagaform

Anyway, must go the kettle has just boiled! Enjoy!

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