Monday, 11 March 2013

Elizabeth Willow's Paper Stories

My first official feature on creativesketchbook is an artist that came into my college, a past student, to present a lecture on her work. Elizabeth Willow is a Liverpool based Artist who appreciates a book more than anyone. Personally I am fascinated by narrative and storytelling in work, something which Willow captures perfectly. A picture my paint a thousand words, however nothing can beat what your own imagination can do with a few simple words. I have become extremely interested in artist books recently, and this was perfect inspiration for me!

Whether its lists from her 'Something Wonderful' project to exquisite paper sculptures made out of old books that were going to be thrown away, words play a key role in the narrative of her pieces. The vintage, natural colours just remind me of an old library; that husky smell of ancient books and long lost pages. I was in the John Rylands Library in Manchester recently, wall to wall covered in ancient Latin texts, just beautiful! Also a fantastic collection of artist books which I recommend. 

Check out her hotbedpress page, with details on how to contact her here

Hope you enjoy her work, I certainly do! 
Til next week,


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