Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Kirsten Jones's Sweet Memories!

One of my students is currently studying old fashioned sweets and chocolates along with vintage wrappers and packaging, so we were delighted when we discovered the yummy work of Kirsten Jones. This first image with row upon row of glass jars filled with every sweet you could imagine fondly reminds me of my childhood and my ever so sweet tooth.

Kirsten beautifully captures a range of feminine imagery from cupcakes and girls shoes to extravagant birds in ornate cages and tiered cake stands. It is clear to see she takes her inspiration from collections of everyday objects which are intended to "evoke memories of the places objects were found or bought". Sourced

Kirsten's style of drawing is very simplistic with soft black linear lines, delicate washes and splatterings of colour. A mixed-media collaged background of old book pages, pretty thumbnail images, pattered papers and postal stamps from around the world creates an inspirational surface for Kirsten to work on. 

Kirsten Jones was born in Hartlepool in the North East of England, not far from my own roots and grew upon the island of Jersey. After completing a BA (Hons) in Fine Art Kirsten has been lucky enough to travel the world, to inspirational places such as China, Malaysia and Australia. Kirsten's now works as a full time painter creating one off paintings and limited edition prints. 

Click here to view her website or Facebook page!

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