Thursday, 28 March 2013

The Bookshelf: Ruby, Blue and Blanket by Jane Hissey

I was sooo delighted when I found out that one of my all time favourite illustrators Jane Hissey had published a new children's book entitled 'Ruby, Blue and Blanket'. Amazingly it has been ten whole years since Jane last published a book, it has been more than worth the wait and I guarantee you will not be disappointed. I originally fell in love with Jane's first book 'Old Bear' as a child and you can read my previous feature on it here.

Jane's enchanting children's classics are richly illustrated in coloured pencil and her attention to detail amazingly brings her little soft toys to life. Jane skillfully captures interesting textural details, from the chunky knit of Ruby's jumper to the blanket stitching around Blanket's tartan saddle. 

Three new and exciting characters Ruby (a little mouse in a red knitted jumper), Blue (a royal blue rabbit in mustard pajamas) and Blanket (a cream and brown polka-dot horse) have endless fun playing dressing up. From a zebra, to a witch, to a fairy to a mermaid ... the list goes on!

‘Let’s play dressing up, so we don’t look the same. 
We’ll wear different things and we’ll be in disguise – 
And let’s give the funniest one a big prize.’

Then Ruby sat down on the floor and she sighed, 
‘I really can’t choose what to wear – and I’ve tried.

‘Don’t worry,’ said Blanket, ‘You don’t have to choose. 
We’ll mix up the hats and the costumes and shoes. 
Then we’ll dress ourselves up in a mixture of things.

'Ruby Blue and Blanket' and the original 'Old Bear' by Jane Hissey are available to add to your collection by clicking below or on the Amazon link to the left!

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