Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Timeless Iconic Scenes by Gery Luger!

The works of Gery Luger are a recently new discovery for me and more iconic in style than my usual choice. It is evident that travel has a strong influence on Gerry's work and key cities around the world have provided a rich source of inspiration to base his artwork on.  Like snapshots in time, Gerry captures timeless images with a vintage feel, collaging photos together with scratched, layered and blurred graphic effects.

Fanelli Cafe

Legenden VI

Gerry has spent his life traveling the world, like most of us could only dream of, to find stunning and captivating locations to replicate in his work. This includes iconic scenes, famous buildings and some of the most celebrated actresses and models of our time.

Legenden II, Marilyn

New York I

New York II

Legenden I, Marilyn

Statue of Liberty

Legenden IV, Che

Rotwild II

Gerry lives and works in Austria producing a wide range of art prints available to buy online, including limited edition collections.

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