Monday, 29 April 2013

Watercolours by Oriol Angrill Jordà

Jorda is a contemporary Spanish illustrator who uses watercolour and coloured pencil to create beautiful illustrations. He has created fashion illustrations for high profile companies, but recently has created a series combining water landscapes with fashion illustration to form a stunning series called 'Blendscapes'.

As I have a slight design identity crisis as to what kind of designer I am, Illustration is something I have always been interested in. Angrill Jorda's illustration series 'Blendscapes' perfectly captures the beauty that can be achieved in this growing design field. I love the combination of landscapes and portraiture, with a hint of realism thrown in there for good measure!

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Tyler Burke's Collaged Cityscapes!

Tyler Burke is a popular artist used by my students as a source of inspiration so today I am sharing his work with you to! Unfortunately I am unable to find any biographical information about this talented artist but to be honest I feel his works certainly speaks for itself. 

I love the accurate and realistic detail captured in Tyler's prints that are reproduced onto canvases. Renowned and famous features are creatively collaged and merged together to beautifully represent cities from around the world. The textures and scratched effect created reminds me of emulsion image transfer prints with faded edges and layers revealed from below. It would be a lovely way to create your own memories from a holiday or little city break for keepsakes! 

In Paris


Monday, 22 April 2013

Rob Ryan's Intricate Paper Cuts

Rob Ryan is an established paper cut and silkscreen print artist. I have known about this wonderful artist for a long time, however was able to see some of his ridiculously detailed and delicate paper cut work up close and personal in Manchester City Art Gallery's exhibition 'The First Cut'. This was a fantastic exhibition highlighting the versatility of paper, and removing any preconceptions that paper is just something to write on!

Using a single sheet of paper, usually in a bold, bright colour, he decorates his composition in a variety of delicate floral patterns. His subjects are almost always to do with nature, continuing this theme with plant life and birds especially. Typography then comes into his work, where he has developed his own iconic style of type; a quirky hand written block font. The detail that is present in his work is astonishing, and I don't want to think about the hours he spends on each one of his pieces. However the work pays off; each one of his pieces is an individual array of floral pattern and organic flowing lines. His quirky style is instantly recognisable, and can be found anywhere from prints to mugs to plates.

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Quote of the Week

Sourced Jay Mug

Sourced Ania Maria

"Some people look for a beautiful place others make a place beautiful" Hazrat Inavat Khan

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Paula Swisher's Beautiful Birdies in Books!

Oh wow, well what can I say about todays post, Paula Swisher is a very talented artist who creates delicate gouache paintings and drawings on paper. Paula cleverly highlights the natural beauty of these little wild birdies and each piece develops an identity of it's own.

Paula sketches and paints directly onto found papers and discarded textbooks, in many cases she incorporates the printed surfaces she works upon within her work. This includes graphs, figures, tables and mathematical calculations which she also reflects in the titles of her work. This combination of creative mark making and technical grids and structures provides an interesting and unexpected contrast. Which of her feathered friends is your favourite?

Cerulean Line Graph

Kingfisher and Starling Spots

Monday, 15 April 2013

Marian Bantjes' Typography

Marian Bantjes is a designer, illustrator and typographer whose personal creativity shines throughout her work. Marian is an American designer who is known for the intricate and delicate illustrations she creates. There is a fluidity to her typgraphy that I absolutely love, drawing inspiration from the organic and the natural. She has drawn an interesting balance between the digital and the traditional, as you can see from the images below. Traditional hand drawn typography is embellished with digital technology, and made her arguably most famous piece, 'I Wonder', possible.

Sunday, 14 April 2013

Creative Sketchbook: Clocks, clocks and more clocks!

'Collections Corner' is a new and exciting feature to Creative Sketchbook. I will be sharing beautiful imagery in collections of my favourite things with you, to provide lots of creative inspiration. It's up to you what you then decide to do with it..... doodle, pin, sketch, paint, stitch, print, stare in awe, collect, scrapbook or even shop away!

Sourced from Ginger Interiors

  As a child I always had a fondness for the old clock that sat proudly in the middle of my Nanna's mantle piece and the large Grandfather clock that stood tall in the hall ticking and chiming away. Since then I have grown an obsession with old clocks and pocket-watches! It is quite ironic actually, because if you knew me you would realise that punctuality is not one of my strengths and the majority of my clocks and watches actually tell different times. 

Gold Detailed Bird Clock by BeGolden

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Quote of the Week!

by Elisandra Sevenstar Sourced

"Be so happy that when others look at you they become happy too"

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Vintage Collaged Paintings by Gregory Gorham

Gregory Gorham beautifully captures an extensive range of imagery throughout his unique paintings from, Parisian culture to gourmet foods, botany, vintage perfume bottles, ephemera and coffee advertisements. All have a rustic and aged feel, created by Gregory's select choice of colour palette and use of interesting textural paint effects. The layered and collaged use of delicate script, botanical information and postage stamps with the imagery results in really unusual and vintage looking paintings. 

Starting out as original acrylic paintings, Gregory's designs are turned into limited edition prints. Below are a selection of my favourites from his extensive range that would make a beautiful addition to any home or boutique.

Monday, 8 April 2013

Aubrey Beardsley's Black and White Illustrations

I thought today I would choose one of my favourite artists from the 19th Century Aubrey Beardsley. His intricate black ink drawings, references from Japanese Woodblocks, are beautiful, with the details and ornamentation like vines that seem to grow around the composition.

I was introduced to Beardsley during my research into the Art Nouveau, and similarly the Arts and Crafts movements. The imagery he uses can almost be grotesque which seems to contrast with the sheer beauty and femininity of Mucha's portraits for example. The white details contrasted against block shapes of black dance around the composition give life and movement to the images. He has dealt with a variety of myths and legends and is also famous for his illustration of the Bible story of Salome.

This poster for the Beardsley exhibition at the V&A Museum in 1966 can also be found in Tate Liverpool's 'Glam! The Performance of Style' exhibition. 

His use of decoration and pattern is a sharp, almost aggressive responses to the graphic block lines and shapes he uses in constructing the images.

The new 'Monday Feature' by guest blogger Christian Watts (@cjfwatts)

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Collections Corner: Birdcages, birdcages and more birdcages!

I have loved birdcages for along as I can remember and have managed to squeeze as many into my home as I possibly can. Today I am sharing a few of my favourite finds with you to house those little birdies of yours. 

Thursday, 4 April 2013

A Special Day!

Today is a very special day for Creative Sketchbook; it is officially 1 whole year since the blog began. I would like to thank all you daily followers for your support and kind words over the last year. As you know I’m a passionate creative and perfectionist! I love to rummage, collect and surround myself with all things beautiful so I created 'Creative Sketchbook' to provide inspiration and pleasure. I am delighted with how the blog has evolved and at present we have had a fabulous 83971 hits.

There are soooo many exciting creative people and features yet to come, there are often just not enough hours in the day. So I would like to end this with a 'Happy Birthday Creative Sketchbook' and an 'onwards and upwards' to another fabulously creative year!

I thought I would share some photos of the stunningly beautiful flowers I received from my very thoughtful boyfriend with you to mark the occasion. Perfect for a little sketching, doodling, and painting or just to be a little jealous of! Enjoy! Courtesy of MQ Flowers

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Sveta Dorosheva's Magical and Mystical Illustrations!

One of my students recently introduced me to the work of Sveta Dorosheva, a very talented illustrator from Israel, and I was instantly captivated. 

I love the imaginative nature of Sveta's fantasy art, it transports you to a magical and mythical world where fairies, witches and quirky creatures come to life. Sveta's love of fairy tales is clear and inspiration taken from narration is evident throughout her intriguing illustrations. "Russian fairy tales are the strongest influence from childhood, they were full of wonderful and scary things, events and creatures, and that influenced my picture of the world for life." Sourced

Monday, 1 April 2013

Easter Monday Madness

I was going to fill this blog post with terrible puns about how eggcellent my Easter has been but I won't be cracking any jokes today! (once again sorry). Hope everyone is having a lovely Easter and eating plenty of chocolate, which I haven't yet started on! I was thinking about what to blog about today when it occurred to me that I couldn't have a more perfect artist so close to home to inspire. Ellie Watts, my wonderfully creative mother specialises in Egg Craft. The process of using real eggs ranging from goose, rhea and even ostrich to produce unique and intricate designs. So I thought I would share some some beautiful eggs with you as well as some of her own creations. I hope you enjoy this very brief introduction into a craft that not many people are familiar with!

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