Sunday, 14 April 2013

Creative Sketchbook: Clocks, clocks and more clocks!

'Collections Corner' is a new and exciting feature to Creative Sketchbook. I will be sharing beautiful imagery in collections of my favourite things with you, to provide lots of creative inspiration. It's up to you what you then decide to do with it..... doodle, pin, sketch, paint, stitch, print, stare in awe, collect, scrapbook or even shop away!

Sourced from Ginger Interiors

  As a child I always had a fondness for the old clock that sat proudly in the middle of my Nanna's mantle piece and the large Grandfather clock that stood tall in the hall ticking and chiming away. Since then I have grown an obsession with old clocks and pocket-watches! It is quite ironic actually, because if you knew me you would realise that punctuality is not one of my strengths and the majority of my clocks and watches actually tell different times. 

Gold Detailed Bird Clock by BeGolden

Black Forest Cuckoo Clock by Hubert Herr

Bird House Clock by Thomas Kent

Shabbychic Birdcage Collage Vintage Paris Clock

 Fleur de Lis Wall Clock by Home Clocks

Fairy Clock by The Paper Trail


Grand Hotel London Wall Clock

Kirie Wall Clock by Decoy Lab

Must fly ... time is ticking!

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