Monday, 22 April 2013

Rob Ryan's Intricate Paper Cuts

Rob Ryan is an established paper cut and silkscreen print artist. I have known about this wonderful artist for a long time, however was able to see some of his ridiculously detailed and delicate paper cut work up close and personal in Manchester City Art Gallery's exhibition 'The First Cut'. This was a fantastic exhibition highlighting the versatility of paper, and removing any preconceptions that paper is just something to write on!

Using a single sheet of paper, usually in a bold, bright colour, he decorates his composition in a variety of delicate floral patterns. His subjects are almost always to do with nature, continuing this theme with plant life and birds especially. Typography then comes into his work, where he has developed his own iconic style of type; a quirky hand written block font. The detail that is present in his work is astonishing, and I don't want to think about the hours he spends on each one of his pieces. However the work pays off; each one of his pieces is an individual array of floral pattern and organic flowing lines. His quirky style is instantly recognisable, and can be found anywhere from prints to mugs to plates.

For more of his stuff check out Rob Ryan's website here

I could look at his stuff for hours and I would happily share every one of his pieces with you, but I hope you enjoy the small selection in this blog! 


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