Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Sveta Dorosheva's Magical and Mystical Illustrations!

One of my students recently introduced me to the work of Sveta Dorosheva, a very talented illustrator from Israel, and I was instantly captivated. 

I love the imaginative nature of Sveta's fantasy art, it transports you to a magical and mythical world where fairies, witches and quirky creatures come to life. Sveta's love of fairy tales is clear and inspiration taken from narration is evident throughout her intriguing illustrations. "Russian fairy tales are the strongest influence from childhood, they were full of wonderful and scary things, events and creatures, and that influenced my picture of the world for life." Sourced

Exciting script and unique typography seems to develop an identity of its own in her work and reminds me of vintage circus lettering. Her intricate illustrations contain captivating detail and beautiful patterns that magicaly swirl throughout her designs. Old books and book pages appear frequently in Sveta's illustrations and the textured surface she works upon combined with limited colour palettes gives her work an appealing aged and vintage feel.

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