Monday, 13 May 2013

A World of Colour - Andrew Logan's Glasswork

On Saturday I got the amazing opportunity to attend a lecture as part of Tate Liverpool's 'Glamology Series' set of lectures. This weeks was the final lecture and couldn't have been a better finale. Andrew Logan, one of Britain's most influential artists of the 70s spoke about his huge artistic career and his phenomenal life of creating work all over the world. He has exhibited all over the world: America, India, Australia and is currently working on commissions for Mumbai.

Logan has worked in many mediums, from sculpture to jewellery to paint. However for me it is his use of glass, mirrors and endless colour that stand out for me. His use of found glass to create quirky yet elegant jewels and sculptures is beautiful, and with the glass he brings in the use of mirrors and reflective material. In the lecture he said "his work plays with like, and that art should be celebrated and found wherever you go". I couldn't agree more, and his work can in fact be found in public spaces all around the world. The only way to describe Logan's work is to show you.

He has made a number of 'Cosmic Eggs' throughout his time as an artist, which are huge pieces of just beautiful, elegant decorations in coloured glass. To me they connote a richness and wealth with their saturation of colour.

Logan has two iconic themes in his work as an artist. One, the cosmic egg that can be seen above and below, but also the Pegasus. He has made many versions of the Pegasus, the two original pieces traveled the world with him, to America, Mexico and India among other places. The wings were always beautifully decorated and glowed in the sun. 

Andrew Logan has always been one of my favourite artists. I went to a gig of a friend of his in one of his exhibitions in a small art gallery in Liverpool once! I was honoured to meet him and have his work explained first hand by this thoroughly interesting life. I can only hope that one day I will have seen the world as much as he has!


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