Monday, 20 May 2013

Sara K Byrne's 'Nature' Portraits

What could be better than one of my favourite type of photography, portraits, being combined with beauty photographs of nature? Not a lot! Sara K Byrne is a photography who deals with double exposure to create stunning pieces of portraits overlaid with these natural scenes. What I find most interesting is that they are not Photoshopped. Using completely traditional techniques Byrne utilises double exposures. Darkrooms are something that have always fascinated me but still have absolutely no idea how they work! 

The colours Byrne uses, combined with her beautiful compositions and subject matter create a nostalgic value to her work. The time and place of the scenery draw the viewer back to the portrait, as if they are somehow related. In a way it is like the two are of the same memory. This creates emotional and narrative pieces, with a strong storytelling aspect to the works. Enjoy!

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