Monday, 6 May 2013

Three Dimensional Typography with Ebon Heath

Today's Monday feature I thought I would feature something on a completely separate vein of illustration than last weeks beautiful watercolours. Well if you can call Ebon Heath's work illustration. Is it sculpture, illustration, product design, fine art? Whatever label you want to force upon his work there is no denying the creativity he puts into his work.

"What does it look like when our letters are liberated from the two dimension page (or screen) to express their unique content?" Ebon Heath.

Heath questions our relationship we have with typography by creating stunning three dimensional pieces made up of letters from a wide variety of fonts. He brings together spiraling and curling letterforms into layered sculptures that seem to grow and expand as if they were organic themselves. He also experiments into realms of jewelry design, fashion and graphic design, providing an expansive and fascinating body of work, solely built up of these letters. His choice of colour, well lack of substantial colour forces the viewer to focus on the form and shape. The whiteness of the pieces make sure that there is no distractions; the viewer only sees the lettering for what it is. Letters. There is not more I can write without showing his beautiful, delicate and powerful work.

Check out more of his stunning body of work at his website here


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