Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Susan O'Byrne's Patterned Ceramic Creatures

I was delighted when I was greeted by a selection of Susan O'Byrne's beautiful ceramic creatures in the window of the Bluecoat Display Centre, Liverpool. I have not had the pleasure of meeting the interesting individuals before and fell in love with them.

I was instantly attracted to Susan's use of patterned ceramics on the surface of her animals, like mosaic tiles they subtly add colour, interest and cuteness.



"Throughout history animals have also been used in storytelling, legend and folklore to simplify the complexities of adult life. In the same manner, I use the animal form as a vehicle for the expression of human emotions."




 Pine Martin


Susan is originally form Cork in Ireland and studied at Edinburgh College of Art, firstly for a Ba Hons in Design and Applied Art and then for a Post Graduate Diploma in Ceramics. Susan now creates in her own studio and her ceramic creatures can be found in many galleries and shops throughout the UK.

You can view Susan's website here!

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