Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Rustic Tweets from Nature by Dolan Geiman!

I do apologise for my absence, work commitments have prevented me from blogging. I have been wanting to share the intriguing work of Dolan Geiman with you for ages so here it is....

Dolan Geiman is a very talented mixed-media artist specialising in collages and constructions from a wide range of recycled materials including wood, old paper and even coins. I love the rustic and textured effects Dolan creates in his work and the 3d aspect brings greater intrigue and uniqueness to his designs. 

Dolan currently lives and works in Chicago, however he was born in the beautiful surroundings of The Shenandoah Valley. I can imagine his natural surroundings have had a significant effect on the work he creates today, capturing a stunning array of flora, fauna and birdies. Graphic surface patterns and bold geometric shapes provide an interesting contrast and quirkiness throughout his pieces.

Click here to view his website, blogPinterest and Facebook page or follow him on Twitter!


  1. Hello, Hello!
    Many thanks for posting about Dolan's artwork. Your blog is so gorgeous, and we're honored to be featured here. It means so much to us when folks spread the word about Dolan's work, so many thanks once again!
    All best,
    Dolan and Ali Marie Geiman

  2. Wow, he is such a great artist! How do you manage to find out about people like him?
    Beautiful blog, I am your newest follower :)


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