Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Explore the World with Martine Rupert !

As I was flicking through some notes I had made ages ago and I came across the work of Martine Rupert. Since I have recently returned from a fabulous city break I thought it fitting to share her work with you today. 

Below I am pleased to share a range of her stunning paintings. I love the loose and scribbly nature of Martine's drawing style. Subtle watery washes of bold, warm colours provide stunning skylines upon which she builds and collages her cityscapes. The use of stamps, photographs, lettering and hand written script creates a quirky and inviting effect. Enjoy!

Big Apple

New York Stock Exchange

Martine was born in Geneva, Switzerland and is now lucky enough to live between Paris and Berlin in between traveling around the world to design for work. Martine studied in Applied Arts and her designs can now be spotted across an extensive range of textiles, books, stationery and home decorations. Martine has even designed maps of city centres herself, so there is no excuse for getting lost.

L'esprit de Montmartre

La Porte St Martin

Moulin Rouge

Paris Mon Amour

Click here to view her website and shop or follow her on Facebook!

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for sharing the work of Martine Rupert. I haven't seen her work before.

    Good draughtsmanship like the line drawings in her art works, is always good to see, isn't it?


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