Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Nature Through the Eyes of Kate Wyatt!

This time last year I was on a little holiday with a friend to Cornwall, Devon and Dorset and I stumbled across fine art prints by this very talented artist. Born in the country myself I have a real love of nature and I couldn't help myself from featuring these little creatures. Looking at these paintings fondly reminds me of my childhood of reading Watership Down and watching The Animals of Farthing Wood.

Elweard IV

Herriff and Lola

I love the energetic lines Kate creates within her work. Wiry whiskers, fluffy feathers and bushy tails are brought to life through her paintings. I was therefore not surprised when I read that Kate creates her sketches from real life in nearby fields and woodlands in the British Countryside. It is clear to see why Kate has become one of the UK's leading wildlife painters and has exhibited internationally. I find her watercolour paintings captivating and I hope you do also.

Eda Ellenweoric

Autumn Store and Dawn and Diera

Clifwurt III

Offa and Edlynn

You can view Kate's website here to find out more information!

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