Monday, 19 May 2014

Sarah Graham's Mouthwatering Pick and Mix

I am totally mesmerized by Sarah Graham's unbelievably realistic paintings. From the selection below you can clearly see her amazing talent at capturing sweets, lollypops, flying sorcers, shrimps, gobstoppers and jelly bears to name a scrummy few.

With my sweet tooth there is no way I could manage with one of these brightly coloured, delectable paintings decorating my living room, I would be constantly rummaging in the sweetie tin.

Sarah paints these delicious paintings in a photorealism style, you could almost reach and out take a sweet for yourself. Her use of bold and vivid colours create a fun and playful atmosphere that you can't help but love.


"Imagery is often borrowed from childhood; sweet things, toys, stuff that might evoke a sense of wonderment, and ultimately nostalgia." Sourced

Sarah was born in the market town on Hitchin, Hertfordshire UK. She studied for a Foundation Dourse in Art and Design before completing a BA in Fine Art at De Montfort University.

Click to view her website or follow her on Twitter and Facebook here!

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