Monday, 29 September 2014

Daniel Zeller's Imagination and Extreme Magnification

Today I am sharing the work of the contemporary and abstract artist Daniel Zeller with you. I was instantly captivated by the fluid and spontaneous nature of his work and was intrigued to explore it further.

The ideas behind Daniel's weird and wonderful artwork are "borrowed from many places, among them satellite images, electron micro-graphs, topographical maps, anatomical and schematic diagrams." Sourced Zeller 

"There is no direct reference to anything in particular, it is more as if all of these sources are thrown together in a pot, forming a kind of soup that is constantly being stirred and sampled. In a sense the drawings become an act of digestion and regurgitation; reconfiguration driven by information overload.” Sourced Zeller

Daniel Zeller's art is extremely detailed in an unusual and unexpected way, it encourages you to look closer and closer before you almost get caught up in the curves and swirls in his work.

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