Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Mixed-Media Journal Creations by Teesha Moore

Today is a little more quirky than my usual choice of artist and designer. I was introduced to the weird and wonderful work of Teesha Moore by one of my students. I was instantly captivated by the bright colours, unique compositions and inspirational quotes Teesha amazingly swirls and merges together in her mixed-media collages. Teesha describes herself as a 'visual journal artist' and lives her creative life surrounded by hills, pastures and trees.

"My inspiration has always been music and graphic design. I collect children's books, design books, art books, cookbooks, quote books, etc. All these images and ideas are constantly going in through my brain, getting jumbled together and come out through my hands as art. It's a fun process and keeps me excited about life and everything else." Sourced

Click here to view her website and creative blog!

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