Friday, 10 October 2014

A Naturally Inspiring Environemt by Jill Bliss

I have loved the work of Jill Bliss, a very imaginative illustrator, for a long time after I first spotted her work in Print & Pattern. Jill's work is full of textural qualities and quirky patterns. She selects subtle colour palettes and tonal shades that work seamlessly together, including bolder highlights for contrast.
Her naturally inspired compositions contain explosions of intricate detail and pattern. Recognisable features includes flowers, foliage, plant organisms, sealife, mushrooms and lettering.

Jill spent her childhood in California USA before living in New York, San Francisco and Portland. She now lives a more natural life travelling the Salish Sea islands of Canada. Significant inspiration is taken from the natural and creative environment that surrounds her. "The Salish Sea Ecosystem as a whole, and the ecosystems of each individual island, are endlessly fascinating." Sourced

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