Monday, 6 October 2014

Intricate Paper Cuts by Yuken Teruya!

I discovered the unusual work of Yuken Teruya at a recent paper manipulation exhibition. I am fascinated with delicate silhouettes and intricate paper cuts and Yuken takes this to a whole new and unexpected level.

Yuken is an Japanese artist who is now based in New York City. The urban life that surrounds him has proven to be a rich source of inspiration to his artwork. "He works with various materials such as toilet paper rolls, paper shopping bags and butterfly chrysalises. His ideas often reflect life and history of Okinawa, his homeland." Sourced

"Each tree is painstakingly cut, its leaves and branches described with exceptional care, and each bag derives from a slightly different source (sometimes highend fashion boutiques, others Mc- Donald’s), which stages the tree’s connection to the natural world in divergent ways." Sourced

You can take a look at his website for more information here!

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