Friday, 17 October 2014

Refreshingly Bright Art in the City by Chetan Kumar

One of my students is currently studying 'Art in the City' and I luckily stumbled across the colourful line drawings of Chetan Kumar whilst researching. Chetan is a creative illustrator based in London who takes extensive inspiration from the environment that surrounds him."Inspired by his extensive traveling around the world, Chetan has an interest in visiting new places and exploring facets of living in a city." Sourced

I love the fluid and looseness of his line-work, it includes quirky and interesting marks. His use of bold colours in abundance is refreshing and creates a bold and unique effect. "I like my art to have a signature style but at the same time, be fresh and different from others". Sourced

"I take a keen interest in street art, urban environments and turning the familiar on its head." Sourced

Click here to view his website, blog or follow him on Twitter!

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